01 Business domain

FALTEC Group works mainly across 3 business sectors.
①Automotive parts business
②Automotive genuine accessories business
③Automotive equipment business

02 Global network

We have 5 domestic companies, 6 overseas companies and 3 development sites, and we are developing our business globally.

03 Overseas sales

Overseas sales are increasing steadily since 2012.

04 Our main technologies

FALTEC has mainly four technologies.
・Resin Molding ・Surface Treatments ・Metal Processing ・Electrical/Electronic

05 Monozukuri

FALTEC has globally deployed Faltec Production System (FPS) .
We are also engaged with reduction of fixed costs, aiming for industry top-level cost competitiveness.

06 Human Resource Development

In our mid-term business plan, FSX 2026, We place importance on “Investment in human capital”.
This includes the utilization of human resources regardless of nationality, gender, or age; a personnel system that rewards performance; optimal human resource allocation through the Digital transformation of human resource information; and human resource development. We place particular emphasis on human resource development, and actively encourage employees to participate in our proprietary problem-solving programs and on-site management training.