FALTEC’s Proprietary Technologies and Products

FALTEC’s business can be largely categorized into two areas in terms of the point at which our products are installed in cars. Our automotive parts business handles products that are installed in cars on automotive production lines, while our automotive accessories/supplies business handles products that are installed at auto dealers.
FALTEC offers valuable products to customers by capitalizing on the outstanding technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities of its automotive parts business as well as the planning and design expertise of its automotive accessories/supplies business. We offer various car planning solutions based on creative combinations designed to integrate different technologies, including surface treatment, metal processing, molding, plastics processing and electrical/electronic processing. Moreover, we provide comprehensive services from planning, styling and design to manufacturing, sales and quality control, by utilizing our full range of functions

A Car Equipped with FALTEC Parts

Resin Molding

Through resin processing technology, we support customers’ varied and diverse needs.

Surface Treatments

By applying surface treatments such as painting, plating, deposition and sputtering to molded resin parts, we contribute to the creation of captivating cars.

Metal Processing

Metal processing produces Roof Moldings, Window Moldings and Outside Moldings that enhance the beauty of cars.


We offer many products that leverage electrical/electronic technologies.
Leveraging illumination and lights, products brimming with style and originality make captivating cars. Also, we strive to improve safety through leveraging of digital technologies.