Mission Statement

Leading-Edge Products and Services to Help Create a Beautiful,
Prosperous Automobile Society

FALTEC Group, which consists of FALTEC Co., Ltd., ALTIA Co., Ltd., and other subsidiaries and affiliates, seeks to offer premium-quality feel and functional beauty in all its automotive parts, accessories and supplies. Moreover, to realize a safe and fulfilling automobile lifestyle, we, as a key driver of innovation in the sector of automotive parts, accessories and supplies, will continue to create the kind of value that our customers will highly recognize despite any change in the times, and we will ensure our continuous evolution in the effort to contribute to society.

Corporate Principles

Growth with Profit

At FALTEC Group, the first goal of our business management is to generate profits because sound, sustainable growth cannot be achieved without profitability. Continuous, profitable growth is proof of the trust that society places in a company.

Customer Orientation and Environmental Considerations

FALTEC Group manages its business with an essential focus on customer satisfaction and consideration for the earth’s environment.

A Cross-Functional, Global Approach

The FALTEC Group takes a cross-functional, global approach in dealing with complex changes and tackling every challenge in our constant effort to innovate.

Fair, Ethical and Legally Compliant Corporate Practices

The FALTEC Group, in its effort to survive and grow as a business entity, maintains a constant awareness of its corporate social responsibility. Thus we steer the business so that all our employees contribute to society as good citizens.

Activity Guidelines

Improvement and Speed

The FALTEC group employees are ceaselessly devoted to improvement, and in that mission we work with speed and urgency.

Free, Creative Thinking and Open Communication

The employees of the FALTEC Group encourage free, creative thinking, and maintain open vertical and horizontal communication as the means to invigorate the organization.

Trusted Partners

The employees of the FALTEC Group cherish trust, which is an essential value. Thus our employees pledge to join hands with customers, their associates, shareholders and society, and advance along with them as partners through legally compliant, ethical business practices.