Surface Treatment


FALTEC provides a great many resin plated parts.
In particular, we provide many Radiator Grilles, and we have a multitude of achievements.
There are high demands for colorization of plated parts, and we meet various global needs.
These parts have stringent quality conditions for degradation etc. caused by temperature variations and stone chips.

From upper left to lower right:
Trivalent chromium (brown tone), Hexavalent chromium (satin tone), Trivalent chromium (silver tone),
Hexavalent chromium (silver tone), Trivalent chromium (blue black tone), Trivalent chromium (dark black tone)

Plating variations​

Plating Line

We have automated lines with high productivity that can plate up to large Grilles.
Also, we maintain a clean environment and stable production with the installation of localized exhausts and automatic equipment to add chemicals.

Deposition / Sputtering

Deposition is a technology that creates a deposit of atomized metal on a product by heating a metal piece inside a vacuum. Sputtering is a technology where a high voltage is applied to a metal piece inside a vacuum, onto which ionized rare gas elements are collided, and the chemical elements that “sputter off” create a coating on a product surface. In both technologies, the amount of metal that adheres can be controlled, hence, they are used in the manufacture of metallic parts that allow the permeation of light or radio waves.

Millimeter Wave Radar Cover

Millimeter wave radar is used in safety technology such as automatic braking to avoid collision, and uses a radio wave that is transmitted forward from the front of the vehicle, which, should it come back from in front of the car, confirms the presence of an obstacle ahead. Normally, the Emblem is found at this position on the vehicle, therefore, there is demand for a Millimeter Wave Radar Cover that allows radio wave permeation whilst being metallic.
FALTEC was the first in Japan to commercialize the Millimeter Wave Radar Cover, supporting car safety.
The source of our competitiveness is the ability to offer a metallic surface treatment that allows millimeter wave permeation, at high quality.
Our patented manufacturing method for millimeter wave radar cover has been highly evaluated and it was awarded from Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation.

Millimeter Wave Radar Cover


Paint is applied to the surface of resin moldings. We manufacture painted products in various sizes and colors.

Painting Line

In the painting process, in order to prevent dirt and dust adhering to product, which causes rejects, we have introduced systems such as air conditioning and temperature control, to maintain a clean environment. Through automation technology, we have built lines where dirt and dust are not “carried in”, by keeping human access to paint booths to an absolute minimum, to meet customers’ high quality requirements.