Decoration / Environment / ITS

At FALTEC, we answer customers’ requests by developing new products with the 3 key words of “Decoration”, “Environment”, and “ITS”.


Due to functionality, design trends, etc., customers’ requests are always-changing, and we offer parts which meet those changes.
We supply the Radiator Grille, which is the “face” of the car, Moldings which decorate all around windows as well as Roof Rails, and LED lamps, among others.

Plating variations

Radiator Grille

Window Moldings


In order to reduce CO2 emissions, the Active Grille Shutter (AGS) reduces fuel consumption, and by adding colorants such as pigments into the resin materials to produce self-colored Grilles, it is possible to realize brightness and colors that look like, but have not been, painted; thus reducing paint usage. In these and other ways, we offer products which reduce the use of energy and materials.
Further, to reduce the impact on the environment, and to make products lighter, we carry out development that uses recyclables and new materials, through part structures with separate pieces.

Active Grille Shutter

Grille with self-colored raw materials

Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

ITS uses latest information communication technologies to build a unified system between human, road and vehicle, with aims such as sophisticated navigation systems, establishing automated payment systems for toll roads, supporting safe driving, optimizing traffic management, road management efficiencies, etc.
FALTEC offers components needed to support safe driving, as well as key parts etc., that connect the car to the internet.

Telematics Communication Unit (TCU)

Millimeter Wave Radar Cover

Illuminated Millimeter Wave Radar Cover (in development)