Global monozukuri

Faltec Production System

FFPS is the production of high-quality products “more safely / faster / cheaper”

Since FY2012, FALTEC has globally deployed this activity as “Faltec Dash ½ Activity (FD1/2 Activity)”.
The 1st stage is inventory reduction by enforcing the slogan “half space, half lead time”.
The 2nd stage is being deployed with the reduction of variable costs (direct materials cost, direct labor cost) as the key item.
Currently, we are also engaged with reduction of fixed costs, aiming for industry top-level cost competitiveness.

FD1/2 Activity

Stage Key Point Activity Content
1st Stage ①Half plant space Inventory reduction activity
②Half lead time
2nd Stage ③Reduce variable costs Direct materials cost: reduce scrap
④Reduce fixed costs Indirect work efficiencies activity
Energy cost reduction activity
Global logistics cost reduction activity

Global Standard

FALTEC manufactures plastic and metal parts, and our advanced processing methods for paint/plating/deposition/ sputtering, etc. are globally deployed from mother factories.
With the domestic plant as the mother factory, standards for both Monozukuri and technology for identical facilities, identical processes, identical quality, identical kaizen, and identical management are globally deployed to manufacturing sites.
This makes it easier to share kaizen which is found in daily processes, so confirmations and countermeasures can be quickly and mutually studied.