Strategic Products

At FALTEC, we have identified the Radiator Grille, Millimeter Wave Radar Cover, Roof Rail, Window Moldings and Electrical/Electronic Components as our 5 Strategic Products, into which we inject focused resources. From exterior parts that utilize FALTEC’s unique technology, to electrical/electronic components equipped with the latest electronics technology, by enriching our development environment and production equipment we offer products that will continue to lead the market.

Radiator Grille

・Decorative variation leveraging plating, deposition, painting technology, etc.
・Environmental considerations through light-weight resin and selcolored raw materials

Millimeter Wave Radar Cover

・Metallic cover that allows millimeter wave permeation, used as part of safe driving systems
・High quality from the establishment of FALTEC’s proprietary new processing method

Roof Rail

・3D bend processing that enables the expression of complex forms
・Stylistic variations that understand the customers’ needs

Window Moldings

・Technology to match the vehicle body, supporting complex forms
・High quality from long years of know-how

Electrical/Electronic Components

・Products brimming with style and originality
・Convenience improvements leveraging digital communications technology (CAN technology)